Brand Commissions & Collaborations

London James has been commissioned to work with brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, LA Times & more. James’ work typically explores the intersection between sneaker, streetwear & sports culture. London welcomes invitations to create pieces for any & all types of productions or publications; wether it be creating a trophy for your elite sporting event or renting artwork for film productions.

Commission timelines are predicated on the quantity & size of the shoes for your project. Each commission requires a non-refundable 50% deposit to begin with the balance (+taxes/processing fees and/or shipping) due upon completion, prior to shipping/pick up. Below you will find a snapshot of how a standard commission rolls out.

  1. Ideation & Proposal (via email, phone or zoom calls with project manager)
  2. Proposal Approval, Deposit & Provisions (the timeline does not start until the shoe AND deposit is received)
  3. Mold-Making of Provisions
  4. Casting, Sculpting & 1st Firing
  5. Glaze Treatment & 2nd Firing
  6. 3rd Firing for Metallic Finishes
  7. Payout & Pick up/Shipping
  8. Culminating Event

The project timeline and pricing depends entirely on the details of your project. A budget range is required to start ideation dialogue. Please use the contact form below with the following information & you will be contacted by London's project manager, Amanda.

  • Name - Introduce yourself & let us know what organization you work with & how you found out PSH or who referred you?
  • Project Info & Timeline - What is the overall vision for this collaboration? Who will the sneakers be created for? What is your due date? When does your culminating event take place? 
  • Sneaker - What sneaker(s) would you like to be created? What size?
  • Colorway - Please provide any details you may have on potential colorways or creative visuals 
  • Quantity - How many pieces are you looking for?
  • Budget - This is important! London is excited to take on new projects but must start with a budget in mind. 

Since ceramics has an unpredictable spirit to it, the process requires London to make several back-ups for each project. This is also why it’s so important to communicate quickly during the ideation stage, especially if your project due date falls within the next 8 weeks.

*By moving forward with this contact form, you acknowledge & agree to the aforementioned terms.*

Feel free to include any additional questions in your message. You can also email us directly at Thank you in advance for trusting PSH to bring your vision to life! :)